FREYA participation in ICT 2018 exhibition
Dec 10, 2018   Ketil Koop-Jakobsen (PANGAEA)

From December 4-6th 2018, FREYA was represented at the ICT 2018 exhibition in Vienna in the European Commission Village. FREYA participated in a joint booth with other EC-funded projects working on advancing Open Science; the EOSC-hub, OpenAIRE and RDA Europe. This gave us the opportunity to present the vision of FREYA in a larger perspective, and how our work fulfills an important niche in Open Science. Many people stopped by the booth for a chat about recent developments and perspectives on Open Science in Europe, and many questions revolved around how to move Open Science forward....

Digital Objects, Identifiers and the recently published Digital Object Interface Protocol (DOIP)
Nov 20, 2018   René van Horik (DANS)

Dr. Robert Kahn, the inventor of the TCP/IP protocol and one of the internet pioneers, gave a keynote at a workshop on Digital Objects organized by the “Group of European Data Experts in RDA[1]” late September.

His presentation concerned the Digital Object Architecture (DOA) in which identifiers undeniably play an important role. As the TCP/IP protocol describes the exchange of meaningless messages between devices with an IP address the need to exchange meaningful Digital Objects[2] became apparent early on and for which a ...

The Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives goes PID
Nov 08, 2018   Brigitte Hausstein (GESIS), Kerrin Borschewski (GESIS), René van Horik (DANS) & Birger Jerlehag (SND)

Compared to other disciplines, data archives have a long tradition in the social sciences. Their cooperation goes back to the 1970ties and they have good prerequisites and vast experiences to support the publication of the research data. In 2017 the Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA) got the status of an European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC). It has sixteen members and each of them assigns a national Service Provider (SP), e.g. the GESIS Data Archive (Germany), Data Archiving and ...

PIDapalooza competition winner!
Nov 06, 2018   Barbara Lemon (British Library)

Nicole Kearney of Melbourne, Australia, will be heading to Dublin in January 2019 to join other PID enthusiasts and FREYA project members for three days of talking, sharing and troubleshooting PIDs.

Nicole is manager of the Australian branch of the Biodiversity Heritage Library, and spends a significant proportion of her time running training for libraries and publishers across Australia and New Zealand with a focus on digitisation and Open Access. Her competition entry raised the issue of registering DOIs for historic literature an...

FREYA @ FORCE2018: making PIDs work for you
Oct 29, 2018   Helena Cousijn (DataCite)

FORCE11 is a community of scholars, librarians, archivists, publishers and research funders that helps facilitate the change toward improved knowledge creation and sharing. Their annual meetings (this year: FORCE2018) aim to bring different stakeholders to the table for an open discussion about changing the ways scholarly and scientific information is communicated, shared and used. ...

Join FREYA partners at Digital Infrastructures for Research 2018
Oct 04, 2018   Christine Ferguson (EMBL-EBI)

This month the annual DI4R meeting takes place in Lisbon on the theme ‘Challenges for Research Communities around Open Science’. The conference will bring together stakeholders across the scholarly research community in Europe to talk about Open science.


FREYA colleagues, Christine Ferguson, at the EMBL-EBI, in Hinxton (UK), Eliane Fankhauser, at DANS (The Netherlands), Simon Lambert and Brian Matthews both at th...

FREYA in practice: Linking research output in the Dutch national science portal
Aug 30, 2018   Ricarda Braukmann & Chris Baars (DANS-KNAW)

One of the FREYA partners is DANS, the Netherlands institute for permanent access to digital research resources. DANS provides several services for the research community, including the national portal for scientific information, NARCIS. This portal provides information on Dutch (open access) publications, datasets, researchers, scientific institutes and projects.

Linking datasets and publications

Within FREYA, DANS is working on improving the connections between the di...

Engaging with FREYA: five ways to stay up to date about the project’s developments
Jul 17, 2018   Eliane Fankhauser & Ricarda Braukmann (DANS-KNAW)

The FREYA project runs now for a bit over half a year and our team is working hard on extending and improving the infrastructure for persistent identifiers (PIDs). To keep the community informed about FREYA’s work and progress, we use several social media channels for dissemination.

These are five ways to follow us and stay up to date:


[1] Website: Our most important communication medium is our project we...

Introduction to the FREYA Ambassadors’ Programme
Jul 09, 2018   Sarah Steward (British Library)

May 3rd, 2018 saw the launch of the FREYA Ambassadors’ programme, via an introductory webinar hosted by the British Library. The FREYA Ambassadors programme will continue and expand on the Ambassador programme introduced by the earlier THOR project. Engaging with the community is a core principle of the FREYA Project and the Ambassadors’ programme will ensure a close dialogue with that community.

Simon Lambert (STFC, 0000-0001-9570-8121) opened the webinar with an introduction to the FREYA project from a global perspective, introdu...

FREYA at the ORCID Nordics workshop
Jun 25, 2018   Simon Lambert

Simon Lambert from STFC gave the keynote talk at the ORCID Nordics workshop held in Helsinki on 29 May 2018, introducing the FREYA project to an audience of ORCID users. He explained the context of FREYA in the global and European e-infrastructure, and introduced the PID Graph, which is fundamental to FREYA. The idea of PIDs forming a connected graph is not new itself, but FREYA aims to provide services at different levels for the construction and navigation of the graph as a fundamental part of the e-infrastructure.

Other talks emphasized the growing importance of identifying fundi...

Linking as the common factor: FREYA at the 11th RDA Plenary
Mar 29, 2018   Ricarda Braukmann (DANS-KNAW)

The new secretary general of the RDA, Hilary Hanahoe, chose to open the 11th plenary  in Berlin with a poetic comparison. Like an orchestra, she said, the members are a collective group of passionates who play for their audiences everywhere in the world. After some jokes about the still not finished new airport Berlin-Tegel by the local and the national State Secretary and an engaging panel discussion during which Klaus Tochtermann (ZWB) stated that partners are working hard not to let the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) become the European Open Science Chao...

PIDapalooza 2018: A PID for everything and everything in its PID
Feb 28, 2018   the FREYA team
PIDapalooza 2018: A PID for everything and everything in its PID

The second PIDapalooza Festival, co-organised by California Digital Library, Crossref, DataCite, and ORCID, took place from 23-24 January 2018 in Girona, Spain, with 180+ participants from 23 countries and six continents. FREYA team members were there, and lots of the discussions were relevant for the project. Here we report on just a few points of interest - most presentations are available via the Figshare repository.


As a festival for pe...

FREYA at the EUDAT Conference in Porto, January 2018
Feb 15, 2018   Simon Lambert (STFC)

The final conference of the EUDAT2020 project project took place in Porto from 22 to 25 January. The event, titled "Putting the EOSC vision into practice", showcased the results of the EUDAT2020 project and was a forum for presenting and discussing the latest trends in data infrastructure and data management solutions for research.  FREYA was represented in a talk by the project coordinator Simon Lambert as part of a session on ‘Computing e-infrastructure with extreme large datasets’. Of course FREYA is not specifically concerned with such very large datasets, but they have implicatio...