Join FREYA partners at Digital Infrastructures for Research 2018

Author: Christine Ferguson (EMBL-EBI)

This month the annual DI4R meeting takes place in Lisbon on the theme ‘Challenges for Research Communities around Open Science’. The conference will bring together stakeholders across the scholarly research community in Europe to talk about Open science.


FREYA colleagues, Christine Ferguson, at the EMBL-EBI, in Hinxton (UK), Eliane Fankhauser, at DANS (The Netherlands), Simon Lambert and Brian Matthews both at the UKRI-STFC (UK), will hold a workshop on Persistent Identifiers during the opening morning (TUESDAY 9 OCT, 11:30). Here Christine and Eliane share their top picks from the forthcoming programme sessions.


  • Have a CoP of T in our café! (TUES 9 OCT, 16:15) A session to join and learn from shared experiences of a broad community (Community of Practice) who deliver training activities of pan-European, EOSC-related initiatives. This promises practical tips and an overview of new developments in training across Open Science initiatives.

  • Pl@ntNet: towards the recognition of the world's flora (Weds 10 OCT, 08:45)  - the use of deep learning and huge research infrastructures in the life sciences. In this plenary session, Alexis Joly, of the INRIA Sophia-Antipolis – ZENITH Team promises an account of how a plant identification service can be trained to perform at the scale of the world’s biodiversity! What’s more, the slides are already online for those not fortunate enough to be able to join the session.  


  • The session on Open Science (TUES 9 OCT, 16:15) consists of a number of presentations about the linking, visibility and (re-)use of data. Developments of services and tools such as the OpenAIRE dashboards for projects, institutions, researchers to name but a few are interesting for a broad group of stakeholders.

  • EOSC from Theory to Practice”  (WED 10 OCT, 16:30) discusses the practical implementation of the European Open Science Cloud. As the concept of the EOSC still is somewhat abstract, discussions about how science in Europe can be linked, open and carried out within the same framework are much needed.

If you’d like to meet with any of the FREYA partners during the conference, please email and we’ll be in touch to set up an appointment with you.