Launching the PID Services Registry - A Webinar

Author: Frances Madden (British Library)

On 8 July Project FREYA held a webinar to launch the PID Services Registry, a service which allows users to find services built on persistent identifiers (PIDs) from a range of technology providers and across disciplinary areas. The webinar provided interested users a chance to see a demonstration, hear about the criteria for inclusion in the Registry and how to have a service added to it.

Following a brief introduction, Richard Hallett from DataCite demonstrated the service available at, and provided background information about it. The Registry is built on PID Graph technology (GraphQL) and provides a listing of  PID services which can be searched and filtered and all entries have a DataCite DOI. Next, Martin Fenner from DataCite described the next steps for the Registry including a registration form and workflow. He also described the areas where feedback would be appreciated including on search and filtering and what information is shown about each PID Service. Afterwards, attendees had a chance to provide feedback and suggest improvements.  While many attendees did not know what to expect from the registry at the outset, 8 out of 10 respondents said it would be useful to their role. 

 Image for the Blog on the registry webinar

Suggestions of how attendees thought they might be able to use the registry included workflow building, and for PID service providers to become more discoverable.

 Image for the blog on the services registry webinar

There were some requests for an API from the registry which is already available from the DataCite GraphQL API. As a result of the webinar, Cobaltmetrics was added to the registry.

Image for the blog on the services registry webinar 

For more information about the PID Services Registry see the launch blog post from Richard Hallett published on the DataCite blog. A recording of the webinar is available on the Project FREYA YouTube channel.

The PID Services Registry is available at