PIDapalooza competition winner!

Author: Barbara Lemon (British Library)

Nicole Kearney of Melbourne, Australia, will be heading to Dublin in January 2019 to join other PID enthusiasts and FREYA project members for three days of talking, sharing and troubleshooting PIDs.

Nicole is manager of the Australian branch of the Biodiversity Heritage Library, and spends a significant proportion of her time running training for libraries and publishers across Australia and New Zealand with a focus on digitisation and Open Access. Her competition entry raised the issue of registering DOIs for historic literature and out-of-copyright content.

As Nicole explains, we want this older content to be discoverable, citable and trackable alongside modern journal articles as part of the PID system. So how do we ensure that articles written by Charles Darwin or Alfred Russell Wallace, for example, are assigned PIDs by responsible host institutions while remaining freely accessible to all? Who ‘owns’ the DOI? How can authors, editors, publishers and DOI registration agencies work together to keep this historic literature open access by default?

Nicole will be presenting alongside FREYA colleagues in a joint session on the theme of “PIDagogy” – raising awareness and building understanding around PIDs. To see the full PIDapalooza program, visit the festival website.

A sincere thank you to all of our competition entrants from the Ambassador group. All entries were of high quality and strong interest to the project, and we look forward to you sharing ideas and projects with the FREYA team through our various communication channels.

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