Key Events

Overview of key events


This list gives an overview of selected events that FREYA has contributed to throughout the project. It includes events focused on the PID community, events related to the development of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) and our work with the Research Data Alliance (RDA). 

Please also see FREYA’s event page for an overview of upcoming and past events. 

A complete list of attended events can be found in the report on the PID Forum for the first year and the second year of the project. The last report of the PID Forum as well as our final engagement and outreach report will be published at the end of FREYA in November 2020. 

FREYA outputs including presentations are collected in a FREYA Project Zenodo Community page and available there.

PID events 


PIDapalooza 2020, Lisbon, Portugal – January 2020

FREYA couldn’t miss the yearly festival of PIDs and contributed to several PIDapalooza sessions. You can read about experiences in this blog


15th International Digital Curation Conference, Dublin, Ireland - February 2020

FREYA participated to this conference with a paper and a demo. Read more about the event in this blog post. 


CW20 - Mini-workshops and demo sessions, online - March 2020

FREYA participated in this workshop giving a demo on “Using GraphQL to connect software with authors, publications and other scholarly resources”.



FREYA and EOSC: Persistent Identifiers in Research Disciplines Workshop, online - August 2020

FREYA organised an online workshop on the uses, opportunities and challenges of persistent identifiers (PIDs) across research disciplines, with a particular focus on projects active in the development of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) and other European initiatives. Several cluster projects joined for a fruitful discussion.

Materials: The results of the workshop will be made publicly available soon.


PIDapalooza 2019 in Dublin, Ireland - January 2019

FREYA visited the PID festival again and contributed to several sessions, including discussing community engagement and an invited presentation from our FREYA ambassador Nicole Kearney. You can read about PIDapalooza in this blog.



PID Workshop USA, Portland, USA - May 2019

Following the PID workshops in Singapore and London, a third workshop was held in the USA.

Materials: A presentation that covered the two previous workshops given at PIDapalooza called Adventure Time: the PID community challenge is available on Zenodo.


Software Citation Workshop, London UK - May 2019

FREYA participated in this workshop as a panel member and contributed a presentation on importance of PIDs in software citation.


Open Science Fair – Porto, Portugal – September 2019

FREYA attended the Open Science Fair and contributed to three sessions. There was one workshop organized as part of a series on “Services to Support FAIR Data. Formulating recommendations for EOSC” which was organized in collaboration with  FAIRsFAIR, RDA Europe, OpenAIRE, EOSC-hub. FREYA also organized two workshops one on Open Science Graph Interoperability and another How identifiers can help you in Open Science during the Open Science Fair.


Software graph hackathon, London, UK - December 2019

FREYA and Software Sustainability Institute held a day long hackathon to help us understand how persistent identifiers are used with software. You can read about this event in our blog.



PIDapalooza in Girona, Spain - January 2018

Many FREYA partners were present at this annual PID conference. Read all about it in our blog.



EuroCRIS conference in Umea Sweden - June 2018

FREYA presented the paper on CRISs and persistent identifiers: How do they work together? The paper is available here.


Digital Infrastructures for Research (DI4R) in Lisbon, Portugal - October 2018

FREYA organized a workshop Persistent Identifiers in use: Exchanging ideas about new developments in the field of PID services. Read all about it in our blog


Workshop on Persistent Identifiers in London - November 2018

This workshop followed the International workshop on persistent identifiers (PIDs) for research in Singapore in August 2018. FREYA partners were present at both workshops and the London workshop report summarizing the main outcomes is available here.

EOSC events 


EOSC-Hub week 2020, online – May 2020

FREYA participated in the EOSC-Hub week and presented two posters (one on the PID Forum, one on identifiers in the cloud) as well as a demonstration on the PID Graph. You can read about the event in this blog.



Workshop on training in the EOSC, The Hague, The Netherlands - February 2020

FREYA attended this workshop which was organized by DANS with the financial support of the EOSC secretariat, and in cooperation with the organisations EUDAT, EGI and OpenAIRE. The goal of this workshop was to collaboratively work on the Rules of Participation for training in EOSC.

Materials: Workshop report 

A joint FREYA - EOSC-Hub - SSHOC event presenting the outcomes of the FREYA project and their integration with the EOSC will be taking place in November 2020




ESFRI-EOSC Liaison Workshop, London, UK - January 2019

FREYA attended the ESFRI-EOSC workshop which was an invite-only event held with EOSC stakeholders and related projects.

Materials: The materials from this workshop are not openly available. 

EOSC Hub week in Prague, Czech Republic – April 2019

FREYA attended the EOSC Hub Week and was specifically involved in a session on Services to support FAIR data. This workshop was part of a series of workshops that were jointly organized by OpenAIRE. FAIRsFAIR, EOSC hub and RDA-Europe in collaboration with FREYA.



Services to support FAIR data workshop, Vienna, Austria – April 2019

FREYA attended this workshop in Vienna which was part of a series of workshops that were jointly organized by OpenAIRE. FAIRsFAIR, EOSC hub and RDA-Europe in collaboration with FREYA.



EOSC event: Building EOSC through the H2020 projects current status and future directions, Brussels, Belgium - September 2019

FREYA attended this workshop which aimed to increase the visibility of the EOSC-related projects funded by the DGs CNECT and RTD, explore their current state of achievement and discuss issues and potential regarding the next steps towards building the EOSC.

You can read about the event in this blog.

Materials: The materials of this workshop are not openly available.

EOSC symposium  Budapest, Hungary – November 2019

FREYA was represented during the EOSC Symposium and was invited to participate in the EOSC coordination day taking place just after the symposium.





EUDAT conference in Porto, Portugal - January 2018

FREYA was represented in a talk by the project coordinator Simon Lambert as part of a session on ‘Computing e-infrastructure with extreme large datasets’. You can read more about the event in this blog.



EOSC stakeholder forum in Brussels, Belgium - November 2018

FREYA participated in the EOSC stakeholder forum held in Brussels.



ICT 2018 exhibition in Vienna - December 2018

FREYA participated in a joint booth in the European Commission Village together with other EC-funded projects working on advancing Open Science; the EOSC-hub, OpenAIRE and RDA Europe. You can read about our experiences in this blog.


RDA events


15th RDA plenary, online – April 2020

The 15th RDA plenary took place online and FREYA participated in several of the online sessions, including the PID IG session during which representatives from ROR and DataCite gave updates about their work. You can read about this RDA in our blog.


The 16th RDA Plenary will be taking place in November 2020.


13th RDA plenary in Philadelphia, USA - March 2019

FREYA partners were involved in the BoF on Open Science Graphs for FAIR data which after this plenary became an Interest Group for everyone interested in PID Graphs. FREYA also held a presentation during the PID IG session informing about the FREYA progress.



RDA UK FREYA Workshop London, UK - July 2019

FREYA and the RDA UK Node teamed up for a workshop on persistent identifiers, welcoming more than 70 attendees. Read about the event in this blog.



14th RDA plenary in Helsinki, Finland - October 2019

FREYA partners chaired the Open Science Graphs for FAIR Data IG session. FREYA partners also gave a presentation during the PIDs for instruments session. In addition, FREYA organized a collocated event “Connecting Open Knowledge in the European Open Science Cloud”. You can read about this RDA in our blog.  


PID NL workshop, The Hague, The Netherlands - November 2019

RDA-NL in collaboration with 4TU, DataCite, Freya, ORCID, and SURF organized this local workshop focused on Persistent Identifiers (PIDs). You can read about the event in our blog.



11th RDA plenary in Berlin - March 2018

FREYA organized a birds of a feather (Bof) on "EOSC-related European Projects getting Global: Engaging with the RDA" and was involved in a co-located events on he “European Open Science Cloud-Related Projects: Liaison With RDA And New Contributions”. FREYA also participated in the collocated event by CESSDA “The use of Persistent Identifiers in the CESSDA ERIC” and in the PID IG session. You can read about this RDA plenary and the FREYA experiences in our blog.


12th RDA plenary in Gaborone, Botswana - November 2018

FREYA partners were present at this RDA in Africa and reported on the FREYA work in a presentation during a join Joint Meeting of the IG PID, WG PID Kernel Information and the IG Physical Samples and Collections in the Research Data Ecosystem.

More information about this session meeting is available here

Materials: IG meeting