PID Forum

The PID Forum is our form of engagement and collaboration with the wider research data community - that is, with you. Together, the PID Forum community oversees the development and deployment of the PID Graph and provides feedback and input to FREYA at various stages of the project. The PID Forum will also feed into the PID Commons, which addresses the sustainability of the PID infrastructure resulting from FREYA beyond the lifetime of the project.

The PID Forum is set up in close collaboration with the broader PID community, including the Research Data Alliance (RDA) PID Interest Group, which brings together a wide range of stakeholders.

We consult the PID Forum community in two ways: By organizing PID Forum events and through online communication.

PID Forum events

FREYA organizes and participates in different national and international events, such as PIDapalooza and the RDA Plenaries. At these events, we encourage the community to take part in discussions, share ideas and give feedback on the project’s outcomes and plans. A great example of PID Forum consultation was a world café session held at the Digital Infrastructures for Research 2018. During this session, we were able to receive input from the community on user stories for new PID types that FREYA has been developing.

PID Forum online

In addition to active face-to-face activities, FREYA also consults the PID Forum through virtual interaction.

Our new online channel is, the global discussion platform for all things PID-related. The platform was launched at PIDapalooza 2019 and is meant as an open and inclusive online platform to bring together the various communities working with PIDs in the research world. It’s a virtual place to share ideas, announce events, ask questions, have discussions, and more. Anyone can sign up to and contribute to the discussions.

Another key channel is the discussion list of the PID Interest Group where FREYA asks for input and feedback from the PID IG members. Anyone interested in PIDs can join this RDA group and sign up for the discussion list to contribute to this online PID Forum.

FREYA also organizes dedicated webinars to discuss certain topics with specific target audiences, such as our FREYA ambassadors. Upcoming webinars are announced on our website.

More information

To reach the wider PID Forum community, FREYA also disseminates information about the project and activities more broadly through the FREYA website and the FREYA twitter channel.

If you want to read more about the PID Forum, have a look at our First Report on the PID Forum (public deliverable D5.3) which summarizes FREYA’s PID Forum activities during year 1 of the project.