Engaging with FREYA: five ways to stay up to date about the project’s developments

Author: Eliane Fankhauser & Ricarda Braukmann (DANS-KNAW)

The FREYA project runs now for a bit over half a year and our team is working hard on extending and improving the infrastructure for persistent identifiers (PIDs). To keep the community informed about FREYA’s work and progress, we use several social media channels for dissemination.

These are five ways to follow us and stay up to date:


[1] Website: Our most important communication medium is our project website (www.project-freya.eu). Here we keep all information about FREYA, the partners, and our goals and deliverables. Our website also provides information about upcoming events, links to our blog and to the knowledge hub which we are taking over from the THOR project (see).

[2] Blog: On the FREYA website, you can find our project blog. Here, FREYA partners, ambassadors and other PID-experts are given the opportunity to share information about interesting conferences, FREYA updates or recent PID-developments in the form of blog posts.

[3] Twitter: FREYA is active on twitter (@freya_eu, #FREYAprojectEU). We use this platform to provide updates from conferences, as well as links to interesting tweets, projects and people involved in developing the PID landscape. Will you join our 800+ followers?

[4] YouTube: FREYA also has its own YouTube channel: Project FREYA YouTube. This is the online place where we will collect visualizations of our project results, as well as recordings from webinars and other training events. Interested to know more about the project? Check out the recording on the first FREYA ambassador program here.

[5] EmailFinally, the FREYA team is happy to answer specific question via email. You can reach us via info[at]project-freya.eu. 

 Image of How2Engage with FREYA for anyone interested in the project. This pictures belongs to a blogpost on ways in which to engage with FREYA.