PIDs for organizations

The work on PIDs for organizations began in 2019 with the incorporation of ROR (Research Organization Registry) IDs into the DataCite DOI Fabrica platform, which is the primary web platform DataCite members use to create and manage DOIs (and their metadata) for use in their own repositories and journals.

Further, DataCite staff took on the task of adding ROR IDs to the member profile information of all DataCite members.

User story for PIDs for organizations.

The most important addition to DataCite Metadata Schema 4.3 was the creation of a field for an affiliation identifier, which was not previously part of the schema. This allows DataCite members to include a ROR or other organizational identifiers associated with an author’s affiliation.

In the DataCite DOI Fabrica platform, pasting a ROR ID into the Name Identifier field will look up the relevant organization in the ROR registry and automatically populate the appropriate name information

With these metadata changes, all DataCite members are now free to include ROR IDs in the metadata that is submitted to DataCite. These members include several FREYA partners, as well as many universities and national library repositories, so the reach is potentially quite broad. 


More information

A detailed description of the FREYA work on provenance in PIDs for organization is available in the FREYA Deliverable 4.4.