FREYA at the ORCID Nordics workshop

Author: Simon Lambert

Simon Lambert from STFC gave the keynote talk at the ORCID Nordics workshop held in Helsinki on 29 May 2018, introducing the FREYA project to an audience of ORCID users. He explained the context of FREYA in the global and European e-infrastructure, and introduced the PID Graph, which is fundamental to FREYA. The idea of PIDs forming a connected graph is not new itself, but FREYA aims to provide services at different levels for the construction and navigation of the graph as a fundamental part of the e-infrastructure.

Other talks emphasized the growing importance of identifying funding organizations. ORCID is working on the ORBIT project with a group of funders, initially focusing on populating funding applications from ORCID records.

Attendees at the workshop talked about their own priorities and concerns as a community of users of PIDs.  Many are users of CRIS (Current Research Information Systems) and are interested in interoperation between CRIS and PIDs.

The slides of FREYA's and other talks are available at