Project outputs


Public deliverables

Deliverable 2.1 PID Resolution Services Best Practices DOI

Deliverable 2.2 PID Metadata Provenance DOI

Deliverable 3.1 Survey of Current PID Services Landscape DOI

Deliverable 3.2 Requirements for Selected New PID Services DOI

Deliverable 4.1 Integration of Mature PID Types DOI

Deliverable 4.2 Using the PID Graph  DOI 

Deliverable 4.4 Organizational IDs in Practice DOI

Deliverable 5.3 First Report on the PID Forum DOI

Deliverable 5.4 Initial Training Materials DOI

Deliverable 6.1 First Annual Report on PID Commons DOI 



All webinar recordings and FREYA videos are also available on the Project FREYA YouTube Channel.


1. An Introduction to FREYA for our Ambassadors (03/05/2018) DOI

2. Second FREYA Ambassadors Webinar (04/10/2018) DOI

3. Third FREYA Ambassadors Webinar (20/03/2019) DOI

4. Fourth FREYA Ambassadors Webinar (29/04/2019) DOI


Chen, X., Dallmeier-Tiessen, S., Dasler, R., Feger, S., Fokianos, P., Gonzalez, J. B., ... & Rodriguez, D. R. (2018). Open is not enough. Nature Physics,

Bunakov, V., Lambert,S., Matthews, B. (2018). Persistent Identifiers for Facilities Research: Current Practices and Opportunities. Conference paper available at

Bunakov, V. (2018). Metadata for large-scale research instruments. Conference paper available at

Bangert, D., Hermans, E., van Horik, R., de Jong, M., Koers, H., & Mokrane, M. (2019, December 19). Recommendations for Services in a FAIR data ecosystem.

Event Materials 

Below you can find materials from a selection of events that FREYA participated in. All of our outputs are collected in a FREYA Project Zenodo Community page and available there.


Software Citation Workshop materials May 2019

      • Software Citation workshop panel session voting data DOI
      • Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom: Software citation as incentive mechanism design DOI
      • Put a pin in it - Software and specimen citation in the natural sciences    DOI
      • Setting the Scene to Cite Software  DOI
      • How to cite software: current best practice  DOI
      • Metadata driven data management and computation with DDI-Lifecycle    DOI
      • Reproducible research is impossible without software (so why don't we reward it?)    DOI


Carpentry Connect June 2019    DOI


FREYA RDA UK Workshop July 2019 

  • Preprints and literature provenance in Europe PMC  DOI
  • Embracing funder workflows (or Grant why-ds…)  DOI
  • FREYA RDA UK Workshop July 2019   DOI
  • ORCID Update DOI
  • DataCite in the UK DOI
  • RDA Open Science Graphs for FAIR Data IG DOI
  • STFC case study: PhD research graph DOI
  • JISC and PIDs DOI
  • RDA Europe Update DOI

Materials from the OSFair workshop September 2019

How identifiers can help you in Open Science  DOI