Webinar: The PID Graph in practice - Jupyter Notebook demonstration - 27th August 2020

In FREYA, we have been working on building a PID Graph, a network of interconnected PID systems, as a basis for a wide range of services. The PID graph can link PIDs together via relations in their metadata to enable the discovery of connections at least two “hops” away.

The PID graph can be used to answer different questions about digital objects and their relations, such as: 

  • What research output was created under a specific research project?

  • How often are the papers of a particular researcher cited?

  • How many publications financed by a specific funder were published with an open license?

In this online demonstration, we will present several use cases that FREYA has identified throughout the project. Taking these use cases as examples, we will show how Jupyter notebooks can be used to query the DataCite GraphQL service and gather information through the PID Graph.

Please register for the online event here.