FREYA Ambassadors face to face in second webinar


Ambassadors were provided with an update on FREYA project work by Simon Lambert (Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), 0000-0001-9570-8121) following an introduction by Barbara Lemon (British Library, 0000-0001-6842-0122). Attending ambassadors then had the opportunity to introduce themselves with a few words about their current work and their interest in PIDs. We were delighted to hear from Melroy Almeida (Australia), Janet Anderson (UK), John Salter (UK), Rolf Krahl (Germany), Birger Jerlehag (Sweden), Eva Méndez (Spain), Antonella Fresa (Italy) and Muriel Swijghuisen-Reigersberg (Australia). Full FREYA Ambassador profiles can be found on our website.

The first Ambassador webinar held in May 2018 introduced funded partners in the FREYA project. This second webinar was a chance to hear from the five major partners who are participating without European Commission funding. Presentations were delivered on behalf of ORCID (Josh Brown), Crossref (Rachael Lammey), Hindawi (Catriona MacCallum), PLOS (Emma Ganley) and ARDC (Australian Research Data Commons) (Natasha Simons). All provided an overview of their work with PIDs and their aspirations for the FREYA project. They spoke on the importance of openness in research practice, quality in metadata, consistency in messaging about PIDs, and the development of a PID Commons to ensure the sustainability of PID systems as they continue to evolve.

FREYA is delighted to have 21 highly accomplished practitioners and researchers as Ambassadors for the project around the world. With a number of reports now publicly available and work underway on development and integration of multiple PID types, we are calling on our Ambassadors to represent their research communities in providing feedback to the FREYA team, and to help spread the word about PIDs. The second webinar was an excellent chance to make connections between the work of our individual Ambassadors and our partners in FREYA.

Check the FREYA YouTube channel for a recording of the second FREYA Ambassador webinar and other useful videos. Join the conversation about persistent identifiers at #FREYAProjectEU or @freya_eu.