FREYA Ambassadors Competition

The Competition Brief

The FREYA project wants the global research community to know about the benefits of persistent identifiers, and the way in which linking persistent identifiers (PIDs), or creating a PID Graph, can make researchers’ lives easier. In this competition we want to know how you, the ambassadors, will utilise or could benefit from the PID Graph.

As the FREYA project draws to a close, we want our ambassadors to help us spread the word about the benefits of linking entities using PIDs. Those with the best ideas of how to realise the potential of the PID Graph and communicate it could win the opportunity to come along to our final event – held in conjunction with the SSHOC and EOSC-hub projects online and with an in-person ceremony in Amsterdam during the week commencing 16 November 2020.


One of FREYA’s main goals is connecting entities with PIDs together to make the most of the information available in different PID Systems, through the PID Graph. PIDs are not only important to uniquely identify an entity such as a publication, person or organisation but can provide unambiguous and persistent linking between entities of the same type, e.g. journal articles citing other journal articles or different types, linking a researcher to the datasets they produce.

FREYA partners have worked to create the infrastructure so these connections can be made both centrally through DataCite’s GraphQL API and its applications such as the PID Graph Jupyter Notebooks, forthcoming Common DOI Search and disciplinary applications such as the NARCIS PID Graph and PANGAEA’s IGSN Scanner (scroll down in the new window for a description). 

Who can enter?

The competition is open to FREYA Ambassadors only. 

The prize

The winner will receive up to €1000 to cover travel and accommodation to attend the final event in person OR €500 to attend and present virtually. 

Things to consider before you apply:

  • You must be over 18 and a FREYA Ambassador to enter the competition

  • To accept the prize, the winner must be able to attend the event during the week commencing 16 November 2020, either remotely or in person

  • Reasonable costs for attending the final event of up to €1000 will be covered, additional costs will need to be covered by the winner or (if agreed in advance) their employer. OR An honorarium of €500 will be provided to a winner electing to present and attend the event  remotely

  • The winner is required to give a 10-15 minute presentation on their winning entry

  • You must agree to the terms and conditions of the competition. 

Submission details

To enter the competition, please outline in 700 words or less: 

  • Your community’s use case for a PID Graph. This could cover why and how would a PID Graph benefit your community, what are the challenges to create this PID Graph, what is missing to fulfil the full potential of the PID Graph. It could also include a description of the potential of other FREYA services such as the Common DOI Search or PID Services Registry for your community. 


  • Your application of a FREYA created service such as the PID Graph Jupyter notebooks or the DataCite GraphQL API. This could include adapting one of the notebooks, writing your own notebook or developing an application of the GraphQL API. 

For more information about FREYA developed services and the PID Graph, see the Resources list below. 

The entry should be no longer than 700 words, but may contain supporting material such as screenshots, presentation slides or videos. 

Entries should include:

  • Your name, organisation and role

  • A summary of your idea or development

  • How you would present the material in a conference environment

Entries should be emailed to info[at] by 6.00pm CEST on Friday 4 September.  By submitting a proposal to this competition, you agree with the terms and conditions of this competition.


  • Entries are due by Friday, 4 September 2020.

  • The winner will be contacted personally by email by Friday 11 September 2020.

  • The results of the competition will be announced on Monday 27 September 2020 via the FREYA website and social media.

  • The FREYA final event will take place during the week commencing 16 November 2020

Judging process

Shortlisting will be conducted by representatives from FREYA partner organisations.

The short list will be assessed by the selection panel:

  • Ricarda Braukmann, DANS-KNAW, The Netherlands

  • Tina Dohna, PANGAEA, Germany

  • Artemis Lavasa, CERN, Switzerland

  • Simon Lambert, Science and Technology Facilities Council, (STFC), UK

  • Frances Madden, British Library, UK

The criteria for assessment will be:

  1. Degree of innovation 

  2. Degree of potential impact (in terms of reach and/or real and sustained change)

  3. Degree of interoperability and scalability (both of the ideas or applications)

  4. Standard of written communication (and visual or verbal communication where relevant)

  5. Suitability for presentation at the FREYA final event



Frances Madden, FREYA Project, British Library

Email: frances.madden[at] or info[at] 

British Library, July 2020