FREYA Ambassador Competition Winners

FREYA is delighted to announce the winners of the 2020 FREYA Ambassador Competition. Due to the high calibre of entries this year, we decided to award the prize to two winners, Claudia Alén Amaro of Instruct-ERIC and Luc Boruta of Thunken. Both entries reflected different aspects of the brief in that they cover both the disciplinary and generic aspects of implementations of the PID Graph.

Claudia is Senior Project Manager at Instruct-ERIC and will be presenting a case study of how the PID Graph can be utilised to illustrate the provenance of data produced within Instruct. Luc is Technical Director at Thunken and he will be illustrating how DataCite's GraphQL API, the engine driving the PID Graph has been implemented in the Cobaltmetrics API.

Both of these talks which will appear in separate sessions at the FREYA final event demonstrating the place of PIDs in the EOSC and exploring applications of the PID Graph. We are delighted to have our ambassadors strongly represented as we close the project to illustrate their value to the programme and the increased reach it has had as a consequence of their work.

This year's competition follows previous years' very successful entries for a place at PIDapalooza including Melroy Almeida of the Australian Access Federation speaking about Building ORCID collaboration networks in January 2020 and Nicole Kearney of the Biodiversity Heritage Library presented on PIDs for out of copyright literature at PIDapalooza 2019.

A huge thank you to all the ambassadors who entered the competition. The entries were of high quality and strong interest to the project.