Ambassador Competition Winner!

FREYA is delighted to announce that Melroy Almeida is the winner of the 2019 FREYA Ambassador Competition. Melroy will travel from Brisbane Australia to Lisbon for PIDapalooza 2020 to present 'Building ORCID collaboration Networks Using PID Graphs'.

As Technical Support Analyst at the Australian Access Federation (AAF), Melroy has been leading the Australian ORCID consortium which involves working with universities on their ORCID implementations and their communication strategies. His entry relates to a method of communicating the power of ORCID through ORCID Collaboration Networks, which has been developed in collaboration with the Research Graph Foundation. As FREYA is also demonstrating with the PID Graph, ORCID collaboration networks have shown how PIDs can be leveraged to answer questions about where researchers are working together.

Melroy will be presenting his work together with FREYA colleagues around the theme of PID Communities. As he points out, PIDs are a collaborative community effort rather than just a technical solution and the idea of the project is then also to engage the community to use the information available within these networks to answer the different questions they have. The full programme of the session will be available on the PIDapalooza website soon.

This year's competition follows last year's very successful entry where Nicole Kearney of the Biodiversity Heritage Library presented on PIDs for out of copyright literature.

A huge thank you to all the ambassadors who entered the competition. The entries were of high quality and strong interest to the project and we look forward to hearing more about these initiatives in the future.