Crossref is fully supportive of FREYA’s project goals.

PID infrastructure is what we do, on a grand scale. Our members, a diverse mix of publishers, universities, societies, funders, preprint servers and more, register content with us to let the world know it exists.

Collectively, our members have registered nearly one hundred million content items—from journals and books to standards, peer reviews, and components. Impressive numbers, but it’s the increasing richness and availability of this information via human and machine interfaces that help scholarly content realize its potential when it comes to discoverability and usefulness. Thousands of tools and service providers—and researchers themselves—use this metadata to expose and connect content from the global research community. They rely on Crossref to find, cite, link, assess, and reuse research outputs.

We’re contributing to valuable community-led initiatives that help connect research and harness the potential of existing infrastructure and identifiers. This involves supporting the drive for clear data citations, incorporating ORCID in our workflows, and working with the entire community to develop and implement new identifiers where needed for example in funding workflows such as Grant IDs, and for research assessment such as Organization IDs.

There’s always more to do, and we’re committed to being around in the long term to achieve the mission we share with FREYA.