The future of the PID Forum is assured!

The PID Forum was created by FREYA as one of its key engagement activities and one of the three pillars of the project. The FREYA project is coming to an end in november, but the FREYA team invited applications to continue operating and developing the PID Forum after the end of the project. Six applications were received, and an evaluation committee led by FREYA and consisting of current PID Forum moderators (excluding any affiliated with applicant organisations) conducted a systematic evaluation using criteria such as capability for technical hosting of the PID Forum, commitment to promotion and sustainability, and ideas for further development.

We are very pleased to announce that NISO, the National Information Standards Organization, has been selected to take over the PID Forum and continue it as a global resource. NISO is very engaged with the worldwide PID community and already helps with moderation for the PID Forum. 

The FREYA team is very pleased that this valuable resource for the community will continue into the future.