New blog: Powering the PID Graph: announcing the DataCite GraphQL API

DataCite has just launched a new API that powers the PID Graph, the graph formed by scholarly resources described by persistent identifiers (PIDs) and the connections between them. The API is powered by GraphQL, a widely adopted Open Source technology that enables queries of this graph, addressing use cases of our community in ways that were not possible before.

We launched a pre-release version of the API in May 2019 [Fenner (2019b)], and have used the last 12 months to improve the performance and stability of the service, add functionality based on user feedback, decide on a stable GraphQL schema that describes the resources and links in the Graph, and add many additional resources. The PID Graph now includes all of DataCite's DOIs, nine million Crossref DOIs, all ORCID IDs, and all Research Organization Registry (ROR), Crossref Funder ID, and Registry of Research Data Repositories (re3data) records, for a total of about 35 million resources with PIDs and associated metadata, and about 9 million links between them.

More info here