Can you help sustain the PID Forum? has been a massive success in bringing together different stakeholders in the PID Community. Since the launch at PIDapalooza 2019, the PID Forum has grown to become an online space for exchange and discussion of everything to do with persistent identifiers with more than 450 users.

Can you help sustain the PID Forum in the future?

Currently, the PID Forum is managed and financed by the FREYA project. Since the project is ending in November of this year, a new host is needed.

FREYA partner DANS is the responsible organization currently hosting the PID Forum. The Forum runs on Discourse software under a “Business” payment plan (see 1) with a discount for educational institutions. The PID Forum currently has 15 moderators from several different institutions, who review the contents and channels and promote the Forum within their own communities.

We are looking for an organization that wants to run the PID Forum after November 2020. This includes both financing the PID Forum and providing moderation to sustain the community space that we have built together over the past two years.

Do you think your organization could play a role in this?

If so, please let us know what your ideas are in this form 2.

The deadline for an expression of interest is Friday 28th of August

Please note that this form was set up to get an idea of the options, and filling in the form is seen as an expression of interest with no direct obligations. The current PID Forum moderators will review the responses and evaluate the different ideas and options after which the further process is determined.