Data Analytics and Management in Data Intensive Domains (DAMDID) conference: Paper presentation

Data Analytics and Management in Data Intensive Domains (DAMDID) conference aims to be a multidisciplinary forum for researchers and practitioners from various domains of science and research promoting cooperation and exchange of ideas in the area of data analysis and management in data intensive domains. Approaches to data analysis and management being developed in specific data intensive domains of X-informatics (such as X = astro, bio, chemo, geo, medicine, neuro, physics, etc.), social sciences, as well as in various branches of informatics, industry, new technologies, finance and business are expected to contribute to the conference content.


FREYA team member Vasily Bunakov will present a paper about in the session about research data infrastructure on This paper outlines an ongoing effort to define the scope and practical cases for the use of persistent identifiers in facilities research as a contribution to FREYA project that is taking over from the completed THOR project. We first explain the current popular uses of persistent identifiers in facilities research, then indicate opportunities for the adoption of new types of persistent identifiers, or new use cases for their application.

The presentation will be held on Thursday, 11 October 11:30-13:30 local time. More information about the event can be found here.