Ambassador Programme


Our ambassador programme was set up to engage key members of the community to help others enjoy the full power of persistent identifiers! FREYA had recruited a team of 37 ambassadors from all over the globe and working in various fields and roles.

For FREYA ambassadors

  • Help their community adopt PIDs, including ORCIDs and DOIs

  • Stay up to date with the latest developments in identifier infrastructure

  • Publicise PID use through blog posts, social media, conferences and more

  • Share their experiences with the wider community and encouraging others to get involved

  • are invited to contribute a guest post to the project blog


What’s in it for them?

Our ambassadors get:

  • Great networking opportunities with other like minded people and organisations

  • The chance to build adoption in your own community

  • Face to face support from the FREYA team

  • The thanks of their colleagues and collaborators

  • Updates on our progress and insight into our future plans

  • The satisfaction of making the world a better place

Curious to learn more about the FREYA ambassadors and their work?

You can find them here

Would you like to be an ambassador? 

Unfortunately our ambassador programme closed to new applicants in March 2020.